Battle of the Books 2022


First Place

Sachem Public Library

Second Place

Connetquot Public Library

Third Place

Longwood Public Library

Non-scoring Awards

Best Head Gear: Longwood Public Library

Favorite Costume: Connetquote Public Lib rary

Best Vibes: Harborfields Public Library

Funniest Wrong Answer: Babylon Public Library

Best Handwriting: Half Hollow Hills Community Library

Congratulations to all who participated in this year’s Battle of the Books! Special thanks to all coaches, teens, parents, judges, officials and all volunteers who helped to make this year’s Battle of the Books a success.

The 2022 Battle of the Books was held on Saturday, August 13 at the Long Island Hyatt Regency in Hauppauge.

The Suffolk County Battle of the Books program is an inter-library competition between teams of teens focused on 6 young adult novels. Teams can be no larger than 6 players (students entering grades 6-9 in the fall) but have been as small as 1 player! This year the gameplay of Battle was completely revamped. All participating teams competed at the same time in a trivia party-style format. There were three rounds of increasing difficulty; in each round there were four questions per book, for a total of 24 questions per round. Questions and the books they came from were read aloud to the group as well as displayed on a projection screen, and teams had a minute per question to write down their answer on a paper answer sheet. At the end of each round, papers were collected and graded by judges. This year there was a clear winner and no tie breakers were needed. Full scores are below!

Battle of the Books Logo created by Andrew Bollerman


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