Local Team Information

  • Limited to six players, one Coach and one Assistant Coach.
  • Members must be entering grades 6-9.
  • Only three team members may be “in play” at one time.
  • Player substitutions are allowed, at the discretion of the Team Coach, when the team is in downtime.
  • Each team will participate in four rounds.
  • Guests are welcome.

Regional Play-Offs

  • Teams will compete in one of three Regional Competitions.

Regional Battle Rounds

  • Twenty questions will be posed to each team per round.
  • To assure all titles are Battled, two titles will be announced at the beginning of each round and the questions for that round will only come from those titles.
  • Questions will be posed to individual teams that will then have five seconds to answer.
  • Answers may take any form: author, title, character, setting, plot, detail or quote identification.
  • Decisions of the Judges are final.
  • Teams that call out an answer out of turn will lose a point and the team in play will immediately receive a new question.
  • At the discretion of the Battle Staff, guests creating a disruption may be asked to leave the room for the remainder of the round.
  • At the discretion of the Judge, teams creating a disruption may lose a point.

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