2023 Rules

Team Information

  • Limited to six players, one Coach and one Assistant Coach.
  • Alternates may attend but only swap in in the event that a team member can no longer play. Swapped out team members can not resume play.
  • Members must be entering grades 6-9.
  • All six team members play together

Battle Information

  • Teams will prepare by reading six chosen young adult books.
  • There will be three rounds of increasing difficulty – Easy (Round 1), Medium (Round 2) and Hard (Round 3)
  • Twenty-four questions will be asked per round.
  • Each round will feature four questions per book. The book from which the questions are being drawn will be announced and grouped together. (For example: “The next four questions will come from The Hunger Games.“)
  • Questions will be read aloud by a Battle Official to the whole group. Questions will also be projected on a screen for teams to read.
  • Teams are provided an official answer sheet on which to write their answers.
  • Teams have thirty seconds to answer questions in Rounds One and Two, and one minute to answer each question in Round Three and any Tiebreaker rounds.
  • Answers may take any form: author, title, character, setting, plot, detail or quote identification.
  • Sheets are collected at the end of each round and graded by Judges, and are not returned. Decisions of the Judges are final.
  • Teams that are caught eavesdropping or using electronic devices will have points deducted.

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